Monthly Archives: November 2019

  1. How to Take Care of Hair During the Monsoon Season

    The monsoons bring along with its liveliness, new life, and a refreshed mind. It’s beautiful to watch the rain showers and feel the cool breeze while sipping on a delicious cup of hot coffee in your veranda. It’s even more exhilarating to dance and get drenched in the rain. However, monsoons have a flip side to it too. It brings along a host of hair problems and creates havoc in your life—from frizzy to dry hair, from scalp infections to split ends and much more. But not to fret, here are some solutions on how to tackle monsoon hair troubles.

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  2. Cruelty-Free and Vegan are 2 different concepts

    The world is changing at a rapid pace and people are evolving even faster. What was once considered privileged and meant for a chosen few is today out in the open for all and sundry. It is no wonder that with unlimited access to almost everything, the world is keeping pace with the changing social climate.

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  3. Let Your Confidence Build Every Time You Look into the Mirror

    Confidence is an unmatched feeling. It gives you unbridled zeal and energy to achieve everything that is within your power. And sometimes, things that you believe are beyond your capabilities. Confidence, as a trait, should be felt every day, and should be felt from right when you wake up. But what happens when you wake up to a face filled with pimples? What is the feeling you experience when you look into the mirror and you see acne written all over it?

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