Monthly Archives: December 2018

  1. Common chemicals in beauty products & their natural alternatives

    “You look too old.”

    “Your skin isn’t fair enough.”

    “Your hair is greying prematurely.”

    “Your hair fall is our of control!”


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  2. 4 Natural Hair Care Tips You Should Definitely Follow This Winter

    The holiday season is here! It's the time of the year to make merry, gather around with friends and plan an exciting holiday. However, not everything is exciting during the long winter months. For it is also that time of the year when your hair turns brittle and weak. And let's not even get into the way the hair frizzes and the static that accompanies it. All thanks to the dry weather that makes it hard for the hair to retain its moisture. Here are a few all natural hair care routine to combat these winter-y woes with ease.

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