Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Turning a sweet corner - Lashitha Rathod

    Find out how Lashitha Rathod channelled a personal loss to create something inspiring and sweet, literally...

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  2. Failure is fun - Sudha Murthy

    From being the only woman in her Engineering college to being the first female engineer at Telco, Sudha Murthy has shattered glass ceiling time and time again. Read what she has to say...

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  3. Urmi Kothari: In A Kinetic State Of Mind #Vedaearth-Women

    An interview with the “Energy Coach”, the Founder of Kinetic Living, IFAA master trainer and Nike coach - Urmi Kothari.

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  4. Who Run the World? #vedaearth-women - Part 1

    Nothing holds back a determined woman, not even her circumstances.

    This Women’s Day, we celebrate women who #PressForProgress to better themselves and even society.

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  5. Who Run the World? #vedaearth-women - Part 2

    Our next superwoman has not only driven change but has been the driving force for many others to make positive changes in their own lives.

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  6. Holi-Proof yourself

    The Holi season is right around the corner! Getting together with friends and family during Holi is one of the things people look forward to all year. It’s a time of celebration, carnivals, and most importantly colour...
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