Say NO to Animal Cruelty in the Beauty Industry

Stop Animal Cruelty!

Do animals face the wrath of being guinea pigs for the cosmetics industry? A lot of companies test chemicals on shaved skin of various animals. This is the ugly truth behind of several million dollar industries of beauty. There have been such horrific practices that they will make you question the true face of humanity. It is time to realize the atrocities faced by innocent animals and help them save their lives.

Which animals commonly subjected to Animal Cruelty?

Investigations show Rabbits to be the most popular choice for carrying out cruel chemical tests and Rats, hamsters, and mice are also widely tortured.

How many animals are killed each year due to cosmetic testing?

As per facts, each year, more than 100 million animals including rabbits, mice, hamsters, rats, cats, frogs and other innocent beings are killed for curiosity-driven experimentation of cosmetic industry giants.

What Animal Tests mean?

Animal tests typically include experimentation by rubbing chemicals onto shaved skin, dripping them into their eyes or through oral administration. Forcefully fed or pushed into testing which goes on for weeks to determine the dosage beyond which the chemicals are lethal. This leads to unnatural deaths of several animals. The process is harsh with zero concern for the excruciating pain that these little beings face. Pain relief is not provided post completion of all tests.

Is it necessary to carry out Animal Testing to ensure the safety of humans?

Absolutely not. Companies must do thorough studies of their formula. in order to reduce the number of trial and errors. Rabbit Skin care be spared and human skin cultures can be grown as well as purchased for testing. They are not only safe but also superior and more accurate.

Why do companies still continue with the practice of animal testing?

There is only one-word answer for this obvious and natural question, which is Convention. Due to years of continued practice. The companies have become complacent. and refuse to adapt to technology out of sheer indifferent attitude towards animals. All they care about is profits. This is compounded with the fairly difficult availability of testing alternatives in the market. The simple solution to this issue is the usage of age-old science that has already been tried, tested and certified, while manufacturing the products. That’s how most of the cruelty-free companies function!

Is Animal Testing Full Proof?

No, such tests have many scientific limitations owing to different breeds, species and varied personal responses owing to the uniqueness of an animal. The lack of scientific credibility creates a cloud of doubt and makes us question the mere existence of these barbaric tests.

What can you do?

Here is where you can understand your role in the process.How you can condemn such practices at a personal level. The best way to put a stop to Animal Testing is by refusing to purchase any product that is not cruelty-free. Go a step further and drop a mail to these companies by letting them know your stand against such cruel experiments. You can always refer to a free copy of PETA’s global Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide that will suggest you with alternatives for all the products that use animal testing. Join us to stand against this malpractice.


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