7 Things You Have Never Been Told About Parabens and Sulphates

7 Things You Have Never Been Told About Parabens and Sulphates

You must have often noticed the phrase “Paraben Free” on a lot of your daily cosmetic products. Ever wondered what the huge deal is all about? Why are they bad for your skin? Yes, we must run away from them as if they were a plague. But, don’t just follow the hype, because a lot of companies have made this buzz their marketing strategy. Instead, be sure of a few facts that will allow you to pick a harmless cosmetic product for yourself.

1.Parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Sodium Laureth Sulfate(commonly known as SLS/SLES) are harsh chemicals!

Used as preservatives for almost a century now, parabens are found in your daily products such as shampoos, soaps, deodorants among others. They are inexpensive and easy to mix. Sulphates, on the other hand, are surfactants that act as artificial foaming agents. They are the same that you will find in a car wash liquid or your detergents.

2.Yes, they are harmful.

Sulphates can cause skin irritation- even a very small percentage. Safety Assessment Journals recommend not more than 1% concentration. But do a mental math of a number of cosmetic products you use with each carrying this fraction of chemicals. It adds up to a horrifying amount!

Read about the usage from the Food and Drug Admistration from US about the parabens in cosmetics here

3.Sulphates can be spotted easily.

They cause lots of lather. More bubbles don’t mean more cleaning power. It only implies the heavy amount of sulphates that cause skin problems. However, Cosmetic Ingredient Review recommends up to 50% of concentration to be safe as sulphates have not been proven to be cancerous. But, multiple products and their prolonged usage can lead to irritation and heavy loss of hair. So, if you want to ensure your cosmetic is sulphate-free, opt for a product that is SLS/SLES free.

4.Parabens are the tricky part.

You have only one option- read the ingredient list. Most of them have the suffix “paraben” attached, but this is not a good litmus test. A lot of parabens are derivatives of benzoates. Their names will make no sense to you unless you are interested in studying their chemical structure. So, it again comes down to one fundamental question- Why use synthetic products at all?

5.There are alternatives.

Looking for a paraben free product? Opt for ingredients that contain ethyl hexyl glycerin (a plant derivative) or other natural derivatives like organic acids. They include ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoic acid, and sorbic acid, most of which can be naturally derived. Think a step ahead. Why even distress yourself over wondering whether your cosmetic tube has the right chemicals?

Simply go for natural products that are made of essential oils extracted from fruits and plants. Ayurveda provides you with solutions that are not only better but in fact galaxies away from harmful chemicals.

 6.Mind your usage.

Prolonged usage of any chemical based cosmetics will lead to degeneration of skin. Chemicals have a way of accumulating themselves especially due to their inability to decompose. If you still want to stick to your preferred chemical based product, be careful. Don’t get swallowed by advertising gimmicks that promise quick results. In the long run, it is more important to restore and maintain the natural health of your skin.

7.Walk the safe path.

Skin is an organ that will takes ages to recover if harmed beyond its elasticity. Sometimes it can take forever. So, why take that risk? With the advancement in technology and its powerful combination with a set of age old natural sciences, skin care has become simpler. No chemical can ever be as harmless as a natural ingredient. It may take a little longer to observe visible results, but they will be lasting and permanent.


There is only one thumb rule for a successful trade. Treat your cosmetics budget as a careful resource and your skin as a diminishing tangible asset. If you buy cosmetics for quick, too-good-to-be-true returns, you are basically gambling. If you pick products that are natural and give prolonged results, you are investing. And we all know who the wiser one is! So, are you a gambler or an investor?



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